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Dallas Cowboys Draft 2016 BTB Front Page Staff Gets Down To Brass Tacks It's been discussed ad nauseum since before the NFL season actually even ended.Jordy Nelson Jersey Actually, nowadays, the NFL season really never ends. Picking at four has its advantages but sometimes we tend to overthink what to do. When will the Cowboys pick this high again?Greg Olsen Jersey It's not very likely that happens anytime soon with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant back and healthy. We've been over the many options for the Cowboys and now Christmas Day is right around the corner. That's why I posed this question to our colleagues: What do you want the Dallas Cowboys to do with the fourth overall pick? Who are you picking and why? If you're a trader,Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey who are your target(s)? Dave Halprin: Take Jalen Ramsey. The Cowboys need to rebuild their secondary (along with their defensive line) and they started that process with Byron Jones. Add another piece in Ramsey, a piece many people consider to be the best player in this draft.Kam Chancellor Jersey Joey Ickes: I'm taking Jalen Ramsey. With the Rams and Eagles likely moving up for a QB, it pushes Laremy Tunsil to SD at 3 overall, leaving a path for Ramsey to make it to Dallas. Ramsey is EXACTLY the kind of player they need to add on defense,Antonio Brown Jersey from a playmaking standpoint as well as an attitude and mentality standpoint. If something goes weird and Ramsey goes top-3, I'm gonna take Zeke. One.Cool.A.J. Green JerseyCustomer: I initially wanted Myles Jack, but with the lukewarm reports about Jack's knee, I'm reconsidering my position: After the Titans-Rams/ Browns-Eagles trades which ensures that the top two picks will be QBs, the Cowboys may be sitting at the most interesting spot in the draft. There are two players left that are likely to garner trade interest from other teams: Jalen Ramsey or Laremy Tunsil,Chris Johnson Jersey and one of them will be available at No.4. If I'm the Cowboys, I begin soliciting trade offers today to cover each of those eventualities, so that I'm ready to go on draft day.Emmanuel Sanders Jersey I trade down immediately if Tunsil is left. I'd consider drafting Ramsey if he's still available, but if I get a good enough offer, I'm trading down regardless. I don't know where that trade would take me,Dak Prescott Jersey but if I can get someone like DeForest Buckner, Shaq Lawson, Ezekiel Elliot, Laquon Treadwell or Sheldon Rankins by trading down, and get an extra pick or two on day two,Eli Apple Jersey that's what I'm doing. Duckman: Short and sweet, give me Jalen Ramsey. Tom Ryle: My opinion has completely changed with recent developments. Prior to the Philadelphia trade up to the number two spot, I was strongly in the Jalen Ramsey camp, then trade back, with Ezekiel Elliott as a fallback if there was no trade partner. QB was a consideration, I just did not see there being a good chance of there being one that the Cowboys liked and that would make it to four. Now, I have to think that there is really very little chance of a quarterback being there at four since both the Rams and the Eagles have stated they are taking QBs at one and two. And with disturbing rumors swirling about a possible suspension for DeMarcus Lawrence, the idea of trading back is now my first choice